nicholas tufillaro grants (PI or Co-I):

    Maximizing utility of remote sensing data for water quality monitoring and resources management in California's Water Systems (co-I)
    JPL-MWD 2017-20, $304K.

    Support of JPSS Data Products and Algorithms,
    NOAA 2017-18, $67K.

    Analysis of GEO-TASO data for the measurement of ocean properties during KORUS,
    NASA 2017-18, $81K.

    Analysis of MOS-P data for the measurement of ocean properties during KORUS,
    NASA 2017-18, $82K.

    Support for JPSS Data Products & Algorithms (co-I),
    NOAA 2016-17, $121K.

    Validation of VIIRS ocean color products for West Coast and Hawaiian Water (co-I),
    NOAA 2015-16, $55K.

    Impacts of population growth on the San Francisco Bay and delta ecosystem (co-I),
    NASA 2014-17, $1,960K.

    Remote multi-attribute spatiotemporal dynamical systems analysis (co-I),
    NGA 2014-16, $384K.

    Support to JPSS Data Products & Algorithms: Validation of VIIRS Ocean Color products for the coastal and open ocean (co-I),
    NOAA 2014-15, $130K.

    Analysis of spatial, spectral, and temporal scales of coastal biogeochemical product fields for the GEO-CAPE mission,
    NASA 2014-15, $55K.

    Using GEO-TASO data for the measurement of ocean properties,
    NASA 2014, $61K.

    Science support to Ball Aerospace for airborne test flights for the MOS imager (co-I),
    NASA 2014, $43K.

    Science support for Multi-Slit Offner Spectrometer IIP (co-I),
    NASA 2012-14, $222K.

    Assessing the dynamics of Korean and Chinese river systems using high resolution satellite ocean color data (co-I),
    ONR 2012-13, $137K.

    Interpretation of satellite soil moisture products with ultra-high resolution fiber optic and cosmic ray ground-based measurements (co-I),
    NASA 2012-13, $383K.

    Analysis of GOCI data in preparation for GEO-CAPE (co-I),
    NASA 2011, $65K.

    Input-Output modeling of nonlinear systems,
    NSF 1997, $340K.

    Improved techniques for modeling nonlinear systems with few degrees of freedom: Topological procedures,
    NSF 1995, $24K.